We observe the present and look to the future to give joy and improve the quality of life for all of us. In accordance with the principles of the interwar Bauhaus school, we want our product to be not only beautiful, but also useful, so that its use is simple and does not require special care. We invest not only in new forms of bathtubs and washbasins, but above all in new materials that are durable and easy to clean, as well as producing the most subtle shapes.

In order to meet the demands of design in its broadest sense, Ravona's know-how is constantly being expanded and developed through testing new production technologies, materials, employee training and trade fairs in which we participate in Europe and around the world.

We follow new technical knowledge in the field of manufacturing sanitary products and modern trends in the world of design, while listening to the needs of customers who expect from a utility product not only good quality and aesthetics, but also functionality. The synergy of these factors ensures the recognition of our customers and inspires confidence in RAVON products.


Our goal is to create new trends by observing everyday life, which is an inspiration to create new forms. Cooperation with designers, visiting world fairs, following the latest developments in bathroom furnishings, conversations with people from the broadly understood design industry result in new ideas for objects that enjoy, relax and make life easier.

Since the beginning of our company's activity, we have been providing the best possible solutions in terms of design and production, which are appreciated by our partners.

100% Hand Made from Poland

Our production is based on manual manufacturing of each product. This gives us total control over the quality of the machining. We also guarantee the highest quality of certified materials that meet the world standards for sanitary products.

We are proud of the fact that we are from Poland and that we can give our customers the highest quality hand-made product, made of technologically advanced materials. As one of the few companies in Europe, it can boast the pedigree of manufacture, using innovative technologies and materials.

The star of the living room and TV

We are pleased to say that our products have been used in film productions, to promote brands, hosted on television, social media, appear during cultural and design events. We have cooperated with brands such as : Virtual Poland, TVN. TVP,WFDiF.

The perfect finish for your products

Ravon's bathtubs and washbasins are perfectly finished by hand. Each product passes through the hands of a few people before leaving for the customer, who thoroughly check the quality of the treatment.
Moreover, work on proven and modern materials allows us to achieve a high level of quality of the final product.

QualTec / Marmonit / Solid Stone

The best materials developed by RAVON manufactory

Qualtec material

This ultra-modern, non-yellowing composite of the highest quality is based on polyester resins, reinforced with chemical-resistant glass fibre and finished with a noble polymer layer with increased scratch resistance. It is available in any colour from the RAL palette. QualTec composite is a perfect choice for people who appreciate the highest quality. This material is very pleasant to the touch, has a perfectly smooth surface, is warm to the touch and perfectly maintains the temperature of water. Its homogeneous structure makes it extremely easy to clean and does not require any special cleaning agents. It has a high chemical resistance coefficient and very high mechanical strength. There are virtually no limitations in the shaping and forming of this material, which always retains the highest strength parameters.

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Marmonite material

Marmonite is a derivative of popularly called materials such as artificial marble, dolomite, conglomerate. Marmonite is a composite created by the Ravon manufactory for simple, clearly outlined, thin walls or angular, more cubist forms. Marmonite is a plastic material with a heterogeneous structure made of two components. On the one hand, polyester resins provide the sanitary product with cohesion, durability and flexibility, as well as resistance to mechanical damage, and on the other hand, the structural component creates a self-supporting, compact structure that guarantees the structural strength of the final product.


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PureStone material

PureStone is a mineral-polyester material (Solid Surface material), very durable and plastic, resistant to various adverse and difficult conditions. It is perfect for public places, public bathrooms, laboratories, where traffic intensity and exploitation is very high. PureStone is extremely hard and at the same time very smooth and pleasant to the touch. Like marmonite, it is highly tolerant of unusual shapes. The Ravon brand produces PureStone products in matt and glossy versions.


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7 reasons to choose RAVON products.

Highest quality

Ravon products are handmade from very good quality semi-finished products. Precise, manual workmanship results in a solid, multi-layered and self-supporting construction. Its outer part is additionally reinforced with a scratch and matt resistant layer of polymer gel, which is at the same time "alabaster" smooth, "warm" and pleasant to the touch.


Taking into account the manual execution and the quality of the materials used, the price of the bathtub is relatively low: on average, they cost about 7 000 PLN in a white finish. Bathtubs made of similar composite materials, e.g. Italian brands, cost on average from PLN 25,000 to even PLN 100,000!

Durable and damage resistant material

If polymer composites were not so good, durable and durable, they would not be used for the production of yachts and airplanes. Our bathtubs are therefore resistant to harsh conditions and even more so to the "bathing environment".

Easy to care for and regenerate

You can use everything in your bathroom to clean the surface of your bathtub, e.g. vinegar-based products, with the exception of caustic and abrasive substances. Light tarnishes or scratches can be polished with abrasive-polishing agents used e.g. for repairing car paintwork under the same technological regime. A big advantage of our bathtubs is the possibility of their relatively simple and inexpensive regeneration.

Chemistry doesn't scare us.

In addition to high mechanical resistance, the top layer is characterized by high resistance to many chemicals (acetone, various types of varnishes) and high temperatures (up to 90°C).

Non-yellowing surfaces

Contrary to what we hear, our multilayer composites are resistant to yellowing. The sanitary polymers used today differ in quality from their predecessors. Chemical companies - suppliers of semi-finished products - managed to significantly reduce the likelihood of discoloration, yellowing or cracking of the upper layers of bathtubs, which was quite common in models of previous generations.

Balneotherapy possible in a Qualtec bath tub

It is worth noting that the newest types of polymer gels, which cover our bathtubs, are characterized by high chemical and mechanical resistance. They enable practically unlimited use of brine, carbonic acid, oxygen, foam and aromatic baths with plant additives. These features make that in large sanatoriums and hydrotherapy centers (where therapeutic baths can be used by several dozen people a day) bathtubs made in this technology are the vast majority of bathtubs used for balneotherapy.

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